Thursday, 22 February 2018

Welcome to Elite CMS Pro

Welcome to Elite CMS Pro - The Feature rich CMS.

Congratulation !! your installation of Elite CMS Pro was successful.

This is the home page of your default installation of Elite CMS Pro.
You can edit or add content to your Web site from the administration panel of eliteCMS by clicking the link below.
Administration panel

Default Username : admin
Default Password : admin

And don't forget to change admin account password as soon as possible.

Some key features of Elite CMS Pro are :

  • A simple, quick step-by-step installation process via an easy-to-follow web-based wizard.
  • All new and enhanced admin control panel .
  • All new multilevel drop down navigation with sub page support.
  • Navigation menu can now have external page link.
  • Navigation menu can be set to horizontal or vertical according to your custom template.
  • Navigation menu colors can be changed from admin panel without editing template CSS.
  • All new template system which is very easy to understand to create your own templates.
  • Valid XHTML output.
  • Configurable page to page sidebar.
  • Sidebar can be set to left align or right align or even can be set to off.
  • All new enhanced WYSIWYG page editor.
  • Customizable meta tags, CMS pages can have their own keywords and description for better SEO.
  • Configurable sub pages for each main page.
  • And much much more ...